Introducing Calgary’s Passionate Painters Art Group

At 88 years old my Dad has been an artist for over seven decades, painting primarily with oils on canvas or board.  Over the years I have taken for granted the skills he so naturally and effortlessly demonstrates.  He has been the inspiration to countless other successful and capable artists while he, himself, has remained relatively unknown and unrecognized.  This is, by no means, as a result of his lack of painting capability.  Instead, I see it rather because of his humility and introvertedness, not wanting to – or even knowing how to – promote himself, but merely wanting to express himself and the world he sees around him through his art.

My Dad
The decision tree of most artists’ dilemma |
Screenshot courtesy of John Osebold

🎨 Art Exhibitions

It was my privilege to have been approached by the Passionate Painters Art Group of Calgary as they prepare to host their second art exhibition on October 5th, 2019 at Canyon Meadows Golf & Country Club.  After a resoundingly successful first exhibition in the Spring of 2019 in Calgary’s northwest, they are now hosting a Fall exhibition in the southwest which they expect will be equally well attended.

Passionate Painters Art Exhibition
Saturday, October 5th, 2019 | Canyon Meadows Golf & Country Club

🎨 The Origins of the Passionate Painters

The group, made up of 10 diverse and very capable Calgary artists, formed in January 2019.  Having been borne out of an art critique group that was the brainchild of founding member Louise Hall, five members of that group subsequently rose to the challenge of forming an art group, now known as the Passionate Painters.  Joined by five more artists the group is made up of working and retired men and women of varying style and skill levels, but all with a passion to express what’s inside of them: to express themselves by creating art through painting.

Interviewing and visiting with Louise Hall of Leading Edge Art Workshops and co-founder of Calgary’s Passionate Painters Art Group

🎨 Media and Style

Most of the artists in the group are acrylic and mixed media artists, with some painting in oils.  Subject matters are as diverse as the group members themselves, varying from detailed still lifes to large florals, from homes and roosters to bold landscapes.  The artists dabble in abstract and realistic styles, with most tending to have a distinct preference for one or the other.

Full Moon Rising | Artist: Louise Hall | Acrylic Collage
Begonia | Artist: Louise Hall | Acrylic
The Rockies near Longview, AB | Artist: Dennis Ronald | Acrylic
BC Lake and Dove | Artist: Dennis Ronald | Watercolour
The Ronald Brothers on Horseback | Artist: Dennis Ronald | Watercolour
There is a touching back story to this painting in Dennis’ brother’s home that I will share in a future blog about the Artist

There is something for every painting art-lover amongst this group, which is the reason why you don’t want to miss out on visiting their upcoming exhibition.  An added pleasure is that visitors to the exhibition will be able to meet and interact with each of the Artists.  When buying a piece of artwork, this aspect can add so much more value to your new acquisition as you discover the painting’s back story from the creators themselves!  Furthermore, you would be able to discuss commissions based on your own personal home or business needs, enabling the Artists to create the perfect customized art piece for the space you have in mind.

Now, go ahead and familiarize yourself with the Artists and their work, or even follow the list of Passionate Painters below, before visiting the October exhibition.  Then, arrive on the day prepared to be wowed by their skill and the affordability of their creations. Entrance is free.

🎨 Introducing The Artists of the Passionate Painters Art Group

Susan Ballantine

Brent Ciccone

Louise Hall

Diana Harris

Sandra Kosyk

Emily Little

Sylvie Pinard

Dennis Ronald

Maria Seiler-Huizing

Jeanne Urban

“Shadow Dancing III” | Artist: Emily Little | 24″ x 20″ Acrylic
By Jeanne Urban | 6″ x 8″ Oil
“Mooo…” | Artist: Sylvie Pinard | 10″ x 10″ oil

Use these links to connect to the Passionate Painters social media pages:

I AM CALGARY is honoured to promote this event and the skill of these Artists who are proud to call Calgary “home”.  Many of them, like my Dad, merely want to paint and express themselves.  Exhibiting their work to the general public is a deeply vulnerable act on their part, since most of us onlookers are quick to critique the efforts, expressions and skills that we don’t necessarily fully appreciate.  Join me in supporting and applauding their works – and the efforts of innumerable unknown and unpromoted Artists – by publicizing and attending this exhibition.

As I write this I, too, salute my own Dad who cannot help but create and express himself on canvas where words cannot.

My Dad, Dennis Delmar, in his much scaled-down studio in his retirement cottage in South Africa

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