If you’ve ever had opportunity to fly through a major international airport hub, like Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson, Beijing Capital, Dubai, Los Angeles or London’s Heathrow, you’d have an understanding of the potential mayhem that exists in the skies above those cities.  Air Traffic Controllers must have wits about them that few humans could muster up in

I don’t want to protect the environment as much as I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting. My work is far from done. Christyann Olson This blog covers an interview that I Am Calgary conducted with Christyann Olson, Executive Director of the Calgary-based Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA). I AM CALGARY interview with Christyann Olson What

It’s the event-of-the-year.  You’re looking for that unique location to capture the occasion for posterity.  I chatted with some of my expert photographer friends about this.  Here are their favourite photoshoot locations for capturing those treasurable moments.  You should explore these locations and, if you like what you see, show my connections some love by following them. 📸 Nose Hill Park: A

I recently shared with you my dismal track record with my winter outdoor mis-adventures as well as my feeble attempt at cross-country skiing. I hope you'll find these to be entertaining reads rather than a deterrent to embarking on some outdoor family fun. Family Fun at Fonda Christa at Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Rush Here is a summary