Detouring Through the Streets of Guernsey’s St Peter Port: I AM CALGARY’S Summer of 2019

In keeping with what we discovered about the coast path heritage of mainland Britain, the Channel Island of Guernsey also offers a well-maintained coast path that circumnavigates the island and covers a distance of roughly 60km. Recommendations of how to approach the walk can be found at the Absolute Escapes website.

Le Gouffre cliff walk and coast path, Guernsey

While we didn’t attempt any significant portions of the Guernsey coast path, we did touch on it here and there as we were taken by our hosts to explore some fantastic vantage points of the coastline and surrounding islands from portions of the path.

👣 🇬🇬 St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

However, our primary walking expedition on Guernsey was seeing St Peter Port. Garth and Karyn, our hosts and friends who have come to know the village and its alley-ways and by-ways quite well over the decade that they’ve lived here, adapted a recommended walking guide of the town to suit our visit. Variations of guides are available in various tourist brochures about Guernsey.

Our St Peter Port walking “tour group”

I won’t pretend to be able to recall the exact route we took, but we did get to see these sights that you can read more about or locate on Google Maps by clicking on the italic links below:

Earlier in the day we had managed to scoop up the last two tickets for a one-hour guided tour through the famous Victor Hugo’s home, Hauteville. Hugo lived here in exile from France for almost 15 years (1856-1870) during which time he entertained and hosted all matter of souls from orphans to statespersons, clergy, politicians, artists, authors and a multitude of other well known personalities.

👣 But wait, there’s more …

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