Mesmerizing Walks on the Island of Herm: I AM CALGARY’S Summer of 2019

👣 🇬🇬 Herm, Channel Islands, UK

Herm – an island with a small name but conjuring up great expectations. Herm lies less than 3km off the coast of Guernsey. For some adventurous types, this may seem quite swimmable. I suspect you’d be right. But you’ll certainly need to navigate some pretty busy ferry lanes, not to mention the perilous Channel currents that sweep through the islets peppered around the Guernsey shoreline. Needless to say, we didn’t attempt a swim to the Island!

On a good-weather day Herm is well worth the visit, as I wrote about in a previous blog about some of our sensational swims over the summer. Catch the Travel Trident Ferry from St Peter Port harbour to Herm. View our ferry ride here. We settled for this more sedentary strait crossing, rather than the aforementioned swim idea.

Sparse accommodation is available on the island and should be booked ahead of time. For most visitors, a day trip to this piece of paradise should be sufficient. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with ferry sailing times. Once that final boat sets sail there is no way to get back to the mainland. And with limited accommodation options you’re not about to find a cosy Airbnb or a willing food delivery service to tie you over for what could be a chilly night before the ferry arrives the next day.

Shell Beach Bay, Herm

We arrived after lunch and caught the last 5.30pm ferry back to Guernsey. During that time we managed to walk around the entire island along the well-groomed coast path that offers spectacular views of the bays, inlets, cliffs, ocean and surrounding islands.

Christa walking along the Coast Path on the island of Herm

Walking is easy with some moderate hills. There is ample place to stop and take a rest while enjoying the views. The island is quite exposed, so be sure to bring good sun protection in summer and warmer clothing in the cooler and wetter months.

Since we visited here in mid-summer, our time was all about the sun and the sea. We made the most of both. Our walk took us anti-clockwise around the island, starting from the ferry dock at Rosaire Steps, to Shell Beach where we had hoped to rent kayaks or paddle boards. Sadly, by the time we arrived here at 3.45pm they were already closing for the day. Didn’t anybody tell them we were coming or that some ferry stragglers still want to kayak after 4pm? I guess they, like us, needed to catch the ferry home. So, instead, we decided to take a chilly dunk in the azure-blue ocean before hastily making our way back to the Ferry.

Everything is walkable and accessible on Herm

Cafes with basic supplies are available at Belvoir Bay and Shell Beach. Day visitors would do well to bring a water bottle and some light snacks to enjoy during your exploring.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch a video of our Travel Trident ferry ride between St Peter Port, Guernsey and Herm.

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