Wandering the Woodlands of Windsor Great Park: I AM CALGARY’S Summer of 2019

When you have someone who is passionate about something or – in this case – somewhere, then it’s easy to get swept up by their passion and be influenced to enjoy the same. This was the case with our Windsor Great Park experience.

👣🇬🇧 Windsor Great Park, England, UK

One of many views of Windsor Castle from Windsor Great Park

The grounds of the Park have over a millennium of Royal history and are still owned by the Queen. Her Majesty, who is sometimes spotted by the gardeners, still frequents the 4,800-acre piece of paradise on horseback. The Park, open to the general public, can explore its diverse themed, landscaped and wilderness gardens, meadows and thickets. Bridle paths, cycle paths and walking paths criss-cross the landscape making just about every corner of this Eden accessible to visitors.

My cousin Laurence, who escapes here as often as opportunity allows from his home in nearby Ascot, took us to explore the Valley Gardens near Virginia Water on a morning walkabout. Later that afternoon we returned to the Park. Leaving our vehicle near The Royal School, we walked through the woods to the Copper Horse Statue of King George III to enjoy the vista view of The Long Walk leading to Windsor Castle in the distance.

Returning to our vehicle as the sun began to set we spotted a pair of stags and does, rounding up a perfect day in the Park. Were we to live near here we, too, could quite conceivably make this one of our favourite places to lose track of space and time!

A pair of stags graze in Windsor Great Park as sunset approaches

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