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Personal Calgary Insights, Experiences and Explorations

It was never supposed to end like this.  A grazed forearm, a bruised knee and suppressed sobs.  Well, perhaps minus the sobs.  I was the one who was cautious about renting e-scooters, never having ridden one before.  I had the sense I’d be the one to walk away from the evening’s entertainment with bumps and bruises.  Christa, my gung-ho wife, had poo-pooed the notion that anyone could get hurt.  Little did she know that she would be the one scraping herself off the asphalt at the end

The COVID-19 global pandemic has, undeniably, altered the landscape of most people’s social norms and perspectives.  There’s a growing list of taboos that once-upon-a-time-in-the-not-too-distant-past we didn’t give a second thought to: shaking a colleague’s hand, hugging a friend, blowing out birthday candles, enjoying food samples at a market.  Everyday gestures that were part of the carefree fabric of our society.  Not to mention birthing your newborn, celebrating a marriage, walking the stage for your graduation, or laying a loved one to

The time has come for our small planet's time keeping system to quite literally make up time. February 29th - the world's make-up-time day - is once again upon us. The Science Basically, the earth doesn't track with our neatly-created calendar system. It operates on it's own schedule. So, over the millennia, astronomers and scientists have attempted to correct for this. Since it takes the earth 365.2422 days to complete its orbit about the sun, the accumulation of

The 2020 YYC Food and Drink Experience has a star-studded lineup of Calgary’s favourite and best-loved restaurants.  When I glance down the "who's-who" list of restaurants I see names of places whose thresholds I can only wish to cross, let alone dine at. To me, the 2020 YYC Food & Drink Experience is nothing short of a banqueting bonanza. Image courtesy of Flores & Pine Grillroom and Gatherings The Restaurants Commencing on February 28th through to March 15th, a lineup of 68 of Calgary’s

Matador's has been serving up hearty food in the northwest neighbourhood of Varsity, Calgary since 1976. It's clearly a Calgary Classic, having stood the test of time and remaining the go-to dining destination for many who love hearty food in a relaxed environment. Located in a strip mall near the intersection of Varsity Drive and Shaganappi Trail, the demand for parking is always an indicator of the Matador's popularity. www.iamcalgary.ca IAC I AM CALGARY Matadors Their reputation is certainly based on their

If a family-friendly winter festival were to have a name then I personally think this should be it. Glow Winter Festival As if Valentine’s Day and the city’s Hot Chocolate Festival weren’t enough, kickstarting on this Valentine’s Day and offering entertainment to young and old throughout the Family Day long weekend, you’ll want to find an excuse to be downtown along Stephen Avenue to explore Calgary’s Glow Winter Festival. YYC Glow Fest along Stephen Ave (2019) The long weekend’s Festival line-up is promising to make