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Eau Claire Market


Although somewhat dated in its appearance and offerings, Eau Claire Market once housed a bustling centre for locals and tourists alike.  Located on the south shore of the Bow River at the access to Prince’s Island Park the Market remains home to some one-of-a-kind outlets that visitors may like to browse through.  It also houses cinemas, equipment rentals including bicycles and rafting gear, some eating venues, galleries and a small grocery market.  Eau Claire Market is a convenient refreshment stop for tourists exploring Prince’s Island Park or the south bank Bow River pathway network.  Several of the adjacent buildings are historic sites worth exploring while an adjacent water park is a fantastic summer time destination or pit stop for families with young children.  The plaza in front of the Market frequently hosts summer activities including food festivals and events that are open to the public.



Eau Claire Market is best accessed by the following modes of transport:

  • on foot or bicycle via the Bow River Pathway network;
  • by C-Train where tourists can head north up 3rd Street SW from the 3rd Street or 4th Street LRT Stations;
  • by bus (see City of Calgary Transit for trip planning options);
  • by private vehicle – paid parking is available adjacent to the Market.

More information about this destination can be found at Eau Claire’s Official website.