The Peace Bridge

It’s a fact: even negative publicity is a great marketing tool.  When such publicity surrounds a controversial public structure you can almost be guaranteed that this will either become a monumental success or failure … no middle road.  This seems to have been the precise sentiment that shrouded the design, construction and unveiling of Calgary’s Peace Bridge.  Designed for pedestrian use, it would seem that the structure attracted negative publicity from the get-go.  Awarded to a non-Canadian Architect, partly constructed overseas, imported and installed at immense cost with little or no respect of budget, this landmark was birthed in turbulence, contrary to its name: Peace.  Following its 2 year construction, when it was finally opened in March 2012, Calgarians began to warm to their new city landmark despite the preceding furore.

The fluorescent glow of the Bridge against the illuminated Calgary skyline [DD]

Now, synonymous with the Calgary skyline, it attracts visitors who marvel at its unique construction and alluring beauty. The red helical design was constructed of steel with perspex roof panels, protecting pedestrians from the weather elements while allowing in natural light during the day and facilitating attractive internal lighting at night.

Spanning 130m across the Bow River it is double the width of any other pedestrian bridge in the City at 6m, enabling pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the space together with ease.  All who pass her by are afforded memorable photo opportunities of the bridge and from the bridge.  She has even become the central focus of Calgary and Canada events, including the touring giant red ball project that formed part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations in 2017.


The Bridge spanning the Bow River from Memorial Drive on the right to Downtown on the left [DD]

River and fall foliage views from the bridge deck [DD]


A view of the steel, helical belly of the bridge photographed while floating down the Bow River [DD]

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