‘Tis the season for snow, apple cider and neighbourhood Christmas light reconnoitring.  With five weeks to go till Christmas Eve, we’ve noticed the eager beavers in our neighbourhood already installing and powering up their glowing larger-than-life inflatables, glittering garden ornaments and twinkling light strings.  The recent mild temperatures and snow-free conditions have made it enticing to get into the yard, unravel

Addiction [ uh-dik-shuh n ] noun: a habit of activity; synonym: habit, compulsion, enslavement, fixation, need, obsession, craving Preface I do need to preface this blog with an admission. One of our guilty pleasures is discovering great pottery and then justifying why we need it.  We’ve learnt to restrict ourselves to mugs and smaller items, partly because of cost but mostly

🎈 #LOVEYYC Day is back! 🎈 Gary, our I AM CALGARY Mascot, is geared up for #LOVEYYC Day 2019 As Tourism Calgary promotes our awesome city, loads of businesses are offering Calgarians great value in return.  It’s time to hastily plan how you’re going to spend your day (and dollars) on November 2nd!  Celebrate all things Calgary. 

Food!  Glorious food!  There’s no doubt about it, one’s vacation culinary experiences is one of the key factors in creating a successful holiday.  Food, along with accommodation, transport, the company you keep, and the weather, of course.  Eating can be both a noteworthy highlight as well as a haunting lowlight.  It can enhance an occasion or it can ruin a day. 🔤