Ignite Your Imagination at TELUS Spark

The TELUS Spark Centre is an interactive science museum that will stimulate the senses and brain of adults and children alike. The geometrically incongruent-looking glass facade structure, strikingly illuminated at night by an evolving LED light display, opened on October 2011 having previously been housed on 11th Street SW where it was formerly known as TELUS World of Science – Calgary.


📽 The Centre boasts an HD Digital Dome Theatre that shows films and live planetarium shows.

🤖 The Being Human program explores human physiology.

⛹ The Brainasium features an outdoor play and exploration area for children.

🏗 The Creative Kids Museum is a fun space for under-9 year olds to explore, splash, race crawl and climb.

🔭 The Earth & Sky program explores geology, meteorology and astronomy.

💡 The Energy & Innovation program explores various forms of energy that have influenced and affected society.

🎬 The Open Studio enables youth to explore using technology in film, music, style and art.

🎪 The Feature Gallery hosts temporary touring exhibitions.

⚗ Atrium programs and live science demonstrations round out the interactive and engaging activities that TELUS Spark serve up.

⛺️ Come for the morning, stay for the night!  The Centre even hosts camps, sleep-overs and adult-only nights.

🛍 You should come prepared to visit the well-equipped and popular gift shop upon departure.  If you don’t, be sorry you didn’t!

📸 TELUS Spark features as one of the recommended attractions to visit on our northeast cycle circuit. Find out more in our blog about favourite downtown cycle circuits.

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A snapshot of one of our best-loved downtown Calgary Cycle Circuits (northeast route) featuring TELUS Spark as a key destination |
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Getting there

TELUS Spark is located at 220 St Georges Drive NE. The Centre is accessible by car, taxi, public transit, and bicycle.

  • For public transit (bus) access, you can plan your visit using the City of Calgary transit website;
  • For C-train access, catch the blue line to the northeast (destination Saddletown). Disembark at the Zoo station. It is about a 13 minute walk to the TELUS Spark Centre. View walking map here.
  • If you are arriving in your own vehicle, paid parking is available at 220 St Georges Drive NE. Consult local signage or calgaryparking.com for details;
  • If you are arriving by bicycle, consult the City of Calgary’s bicycle pathway maps here. Bike racks are available. For security reasons, remember to bring your own bicycle lock.

Other recommended nearby and downtown destinations and attractions

For more detailed information visit the TELUS Spark official website.

View I Am Calgary’s stop-motion promo video of TELUS Spark.

Featured image courtesy of Entro Communications

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