Bringing the Past to Life: Glenbow Museum

Located near the eastern end of the ever-popular Stephen Avenue Walk, the multi-level Glenbow Museum remains one of Calgary’s most sought-after tourist attractions.  Art displays from the more than 30,000 archived pieces dating back to the 19th Century to the present are periodically switched out to provide variety and thematic interest for interested visitors.  The Museum displays a diverse and well-presented range of historical artefacts including ethnic, cultural, Asian, military and mineralogy collections.  It also boasts a library of more than 100,000 books, journals, maps, newspapers, pamphlets and periodicals.

Glenbow Museum (Stephen Ave entrance)

Events, exhibits and collections at the Glenbow are constantly changing, making it appealing for local Calgarians to buy season passes to maximize their exposure to the ever-changing offerings, while visitors to the city will be immersed in a rich encounter with Albertan, Canadian, North American and world memoirs.  Don’t forget to leave time to visit the Glenbow Shop so you can pick your own piece of memorabilia.

Prepare to spend the better part of a full day delving into this diverse collection of art and history.  If you are a local and want to explore at a more sedate pace, consider purchasing an annual pass to the Museum.  Alternatively, you could visit on the first Thursday of every month when entrance to the Museum is free after 5pm until closing time.

Visit for free on the first Thursday night of every month

Getting there

The Glenbow Museum is best accessible via the following means:

You can navigate to the Glenbow Museum here.

The Glenbow Museum from 9th Avenue SW

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