A Treasure Trove of Canadian Artisans at The Galleria in Inglewood

Addiction [ uh-dik-shuh n ]

  • noun: a habit of activity;
  • synonym: habit, compulsion, enslavement, fixation, need, obsession, craving


I do need to preface this blog with an admission.

One of our guilty pleasures is discovering great pottery and then justifying why we need it.  We’ve learnt to restrict ourselves to mugs and smaller items, partly because of cost but mostly because of space.  We think we have an addiction (hence the definition at the start of this article).  But perhaps any of the synonyms that define an addition might describe our condition equally well.

Christmas tends to be an especially challenging time for us.  We land up at any number of the amazing artisan markets in and around Calgary where we find ourselves justifying who, in our family and friendship circles, needs pottery.  We know we shouldn’t be buying any more for ourselves, so buying it for someone else tempers our compulsion.  And yet, somehow, we still always manage to sneak in a new treasure (or two) for ourselves.

This past week has been no exception.

An innocent visit to The Galleria in Inglewood

We began our week with a visit to a Christmas market and also an art sale.  We unintentionally came away with a matching mug and bowl set in white with blue trim, featuring a bird motif that we fell in love with.  (Did we confess to our bird-related obsession, too?) 

Our newest pottery treasure

Since Christa was on a school break, we popped into Inglewood during the week where we “coincidentally” found ourselves at The Galleria.  This happens every once in a while.  It felt like a sign when we discovered the same potter’s work that we’d purchased at the market the previous weekend.  We suddenly found ourselves in our “happy place”. 

This was going to be a good impromptu visit!

About “The Galleria”

Owned and managed by Susan Copley, the store – located on 9th Avenue SE at the eastern gateway to Inglewood – showcases top-quality crafts that represent over 750 Canadian artisans.  The Galleria quite literally has something for everyone: covetous pottery pieces; ornate glassware; woven, knitted and quilted fabric creations; captivating wooden homeware, décor and carvings; assorted wall art including painting and Canadian scenery photography; forged metalwork accents; jewelry; quilled cards; baby clothing and toys. 

Established in 1978, Susan has been associated with The Galleria since 1982 when she supplied artwork to the store as an artisan.  She started working as a part time employee, soon progressing to a full-time role and then into management.  When the owners retired in 2005, Susan and her husband bought the business that had become a showcase and point of sale for numerous local artisans.  They moved from Kensington to their present location in the trendy and artsy community of Inglewood.  The space lends itself very well to exhibiting the diversity of art and crafts on consignment from the Artisans that The Galleria stages.

Not much to look at from the outside, but many treasures await on the inside!

The pricing of the arts and crafts is quite reasonable. Conversations in one’s own mind might argue that one could perhaps create some of these crafts yourself for less. Unless you’re skilled, we dare you to try! A quote at the gallery is most befitting of this notion:

We succumbed … again!

Confession #316: we bought some more pottery.  But it’s going to be a gift for someone.   We think she really needs it.  And we really liked it. 

We also bought a glass ornament.  Also as a gift.  We think the recipient will love it, even as we did!

On the selfie bench at The Galleria.
Photography of the arts and crafts on exhibition is strongly discouraged. I was given permission to take some photos, but I didn’t want to take unreasonable advantage of this privilege. Besides, if I took too many photos you wouldn’t have reason to visit and discover it for yourself!

If you’re looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gift ideas, The Galleria needs to be near the top of your search route.  But be warned: you will need to exercise extreme self-discipline.  Or at least arrive there with a strict budget in mind.  Preferably, let someone else be carrying your credit card, because you will want to buy something.

Come to browse.  Leave enriched!


  • Susan

    15 November, 2019

    Thank you Derek for your amazing story and wonderful words about Galleria in Inglewood. Your enthusiasm is truly heartwarming. I know all the artisans will be delighted that you have taken the time to highlight their work. We hope to see you again soon. Susan


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