In keeping with what we discovered about the coast path heritage of mainland Britain, the Channel Island of Guernsey also offers a well-maintained coast path that circumnavigates the island and covers a distance of roughly 60km. Recommendations of how to approach the walk can be found at the Absolute Escapes website. Le Gouffre cliff walk

👣 🇬🇧 The Southwest Coast Path, Devon & Cornwall, UK England's south west coast path is a registered charity and an exceptional natural heritage resource that numerous sponsors and custodians contribute to and maintain for the general public to enjoy. Contrasting landscape on the southwest Coast Path near Welcombe Mouth Beach Here is a concise and great description

When you have someone who is passionate about something or - in this case - somewhere, then it's easy to get swept up by their passion and be influenced to enjoy the same. This was the case with our Windsor Great Park experience. 👣🇬🇧 Windsor Great Park, England, UK One of many views of Windsor Castle

I suspect that the 1980’s movie titled “Planes Trains and Automobiles", starring Steve Martin, has been the inspiration for many travellers to try out different forms of transport during their vacation explorations. I know I’ve often referred to the title in my travel writings to different countries around the world. Bourton-on-the-Water Motoring Museum Similar sentiments surround