I don’t want to protect the environment as much as I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting. My work is far from done. Christyann Olson This blog covers an interview that I Am Calgary conducted with Christyann Olson, Executive Director of the Calgary-based Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA). I AM CALGARY interview with Christyann Olson What

Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been before. Dalai Lama It was the Family Day long weekend after Valentine’s Day.  We found ourselves with no formal plans.  It seemed the perfect setup … for a Staycation.  With Christa consumed by school demands right up to the hour of our departure, I took planning into my own hands.  That was

As Albertans, oil and gas is in our blood.  Some may say it is our blood.  But is this life-blood beginning to congeal in our very veins? Officially established in 1875, Fort Calgary is recognized as the birthplace of present-day Calgary, originally home to the Northwest Mounted Police.  Much has happened since then to define

Calgary’s freezer-February is presenting the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors to indulge in the annual YYC hot chocolate festival.  Presented by Meals-on-Wheels, the city’s sweetest (and arguably, richest!) festival gathers participating cafes, restaurants and chocolatiers to compete in crafting the best chocolate-based beverage creations that any hot chocolate lover might die for.  With more

If you’re anything like me, dates hold meaning and significance.  If you’re anything like my wife, Christa, dates are sometimes an inconvenience, and some dates should be ignored as if they never happened.  Take our birthdays, as an example.  I don’t need a big party for my birthday every year.  But I do love celebrating

It’s the event-of-the-year.  You’re looking for that unique location to capture the occasion for posterity.  I chatted with some of my expert photographer friends about this.  Here are their favourite photoshoot locations for capturing those treasurable moments.  You should explore these locations and, if you like what you see, show my connections some love by following them. 📸 Nose Hill Park: A