17th Avenue, Calgary’s Red Mile

If Stephen Avenue Walk offers you your daytime fix for entertainment and attractions, you’ll likely want to make the retail and entertainment district along 17th Ave South (between Macleod Trail and 14th Street SW) your night time destination of choice.  Also known as the Red Mile, after the Calgary Flames’ 2004 NHL Hockey playoffs run, this section of 17th Ave is home to umpteen great cafes, restaurants, pubs, night clubs, fast food outlets and outdoor patios.  It’s also home to many retail stores including some well-known home décor businesses and novelty shops.

A typical summer scene along 17th Ave

Popular destinations

17th Ave south – not to be confused with its counterpart address in the northern part of Calgary – is home to numerous popular hang-outs, whether for dining, drinking, connecting or shopping.

Here is a summary of some of the most popular go-to spots, according to Google ratings.

If outdoor patios are your summer-thing, then look out for our ⛱-icon denoting whether this location boasts a patio for your outdoor pleasure.


(locations are listed based on heading eastbound along 17th Ave from 14th St SW towards Macleod Trail):

🍻 Pubs, Bars & Breweries

(locations are listed based on heading eastbound along 17th Ave from 14th St SW towards Macleod Trail):

☕️ Coffee & Confectionery

(locations are listed based on heading eastbound along 17th Ave from 14th St SW towards Macleod Trail):

Discover the treasure trove of clothing, boutique and gift stores located along the way as you enjoy strolling 17th Ave.


Extensive infrastructure renovations and upgrades to the 30-year old street and 100 year old infrastructure is underway at a budgeted cost of $44-million. Consequently, section of 17th Ave face ongoing limited or restricted access. While businesses have endeavoured to continue doing “business as usual”, for many the impact has been too great and some have had to shut their doors. As a result, turnover of businesses in the area has been high and will likely continue to be so until construction is completed in late 2019.

17th Ave South

Getting there

17th Ave retail and entertainment district is best accessed by foot, taxi or public transit (bus), since parking on and around 17th Ave can be quite harrowing.

Navigate to 17th Ave retail and entertainment district using Google maps here.

  • For public transit (bus) access, you can plan your visit using the City of Calgary transit website;
  • If you are arriving in your own vehicle, limited street parking is available. Consult local signage or calgaryparking.com for more options;
  • If you are arriving by bicycle, consult the City of Calgary’s bicycle pathway maps here. Bike racks are available at numerous locations along 17th Ave. For security reasons, remember to bring your own bicycle lock.

Featured image courtesy of Dave Buston/Getty Images

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