Four Fours deTour

Price $0 ~4 hours; ~10km
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Four Fours deTour

$0 per person

EXPLORE the 4 City Quadrants with our “BIG-4” deTour

Visit all 4 of Calgary’s quadrants.

Explore 4 of our favourite city parks.

Discover 4 (or more!) of our most popular exploratory categories.

And do all of this in only 4 hours!

DeTourists, please take note …
  • This self-guided deTour covers a distance of ~10km with some elevation gain and drop.  Although suitable for children there is a significant amount of uphill walking as well as staircase descending that needs to be considered.  The deTour route is fully paved.
  • This deTour may be suitable for cycling; be careful of busy streets; you may need to carry your bicycle down the McHugh Bluff stairs or use the switchback gravel pathway to descend down to Memorial Drive
  • Exercise extreme caution on walkways during winter months
  • Health-awareness information is available for this deTour on the “Wellness” tab

Key DeTour Destinations

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Four Fours deTour Downtown Calgary view from Rotary Park









  • Dress Code
  • Included
    Day backpack
    Outdoor clothing
    Public washrooms
    Refreshment stops en route
    Souvenir shopping
    Suitable footwear
    Sun glasses
    Winter walking hazards
  • Not Included
    Change of clothing
    Dangerous activity
    Entrance fees
    Identification required
    Indoor clothing
    Own transportation
    Reservations may be required
    Safety equipment
Peace Bridge (Attraction #1)
This tour begins at the Memorial Drive end of the Peace Bridge.  Head south on the Peace Bridge crossing over the Bow River.
Eau Claire Park (Park #1) & Prince's Island Park (Park #2)
Briefly explore Eau Claire Park on the south side of the Peace Bridge then head east to Prince's Island Park. Exploring Prince's Island Park can take as little or as much time as you desire.  There is much to discover and enjoy here, so factor this into your tour schedule.
Eau Claire Market (Attraction #2) & Chinatown (Attraction #3)
Depart from Prince's Island Park to explore Eau Claire Market where you can pick up some mementos and trinkets as a reminder of your visit.  You might also want to avail yourself of the opportunity to use their public washrooms while you're here. Head east for 2 blocks, either along the Bow River pathway or along 3rd Avenue, which will take you into Chinatown, the 3rd largest of its kind in Canada.  Take some time to meander and explore Chinatown's culture, history and art.  Pay particular attention to the ornate roof of the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre which is a simulation of Beijing's Temple of Heaven.
Riverfront Avenue to the East Village
Depart China Town and head east to Centre Street then north to the Bow River.  Before crossing the Centre Street Bridge turn east along Riverfront Avenue / River Walk and make your way to the East Village, passing beneath the iron-girded 4th Street Bridge and Restitution (Langevin) Bridge.   Enjoy a coffee, bakery offering or light meal at Sidewalk Citizen Cafe in the old Simmons Building in the East Village.  
St Patrick's Island Park (Park #3) to Rotary Park (Park #4)
Depart the East Village via the George C. King pedestrian bridge and enter St Patrick's Island Park.  Spend some time exploring the park's diverse habitats.   Depart the Park via the George C. King Bridge and head north to Memorial Drive then west towards Centre Street. Climb the stairs to Centre Street.  Head north and then almost immediately turn east up the steep hill on 2nd Avenue NE.  Rotary Park is at the crest of the hill.  From here you can enjoy the downtown city vistas.  
Rotary Park to McHugh Bluff
Traverse Rotary Park heading north to 7th Ave NE.  Head west on 7th Ave, crossing Centre Street then head south on 1st St NW.  Bear right onto Crescent Rd where you can enjoy the city and river views from Mc Hugh Bluff.
Mc Hugh Bluff to Poppy Plaza (Attraction #4)
Follow the 167-step wooden stairway leading from Mc Hugh Bluff to Memorial Drive and the Calgary Curling Club below. Proceed west along the Bow River Pathway adjacent to Memorial Drive, past the Peace Bridge (your starting point), until you reach Poppy Plaza at 10th Street. Take a few moments to pay your respects at this memorial to Canada's veterans while you also reflect on the highlights of your 10km walking tour that ends here.
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  • Laurence

    1 June, 2018 at 18:58

    Had the afternoon free to explore Calgary and thought this walk looked great. Beautiful weather and took in all of the sites I was keen on. Particularly beautiful by the river and the Peace Bridge. We were extremely lucky to see an owl a black squirrel and a few beavers as well which really made it special.

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Overall experience
I recommend this deTour?
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Experience versus expectations?
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Health-awareness information for this deTour
lb. kg est. calories burnt
131-145 60-66 362
146-160 67-73 403
161-175 74-80 446
176-190 81-86 482
191-205 87-93 522
206-220 94-100 560
221-235 101-107 601
236-285 108-130 684
286-335 131-152 817