Confluence Park and Pizza deTour

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Confluence Park and Pizza deTour

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Park … Walk … Pizza – it’s that easy. ENJOY!

DeTourists, please take note …
  • This self-guided deTour covers ~4.5km of easy walking on mostly paved pathway in the Nose Creek West area, west of Deerfoot Trail
  • Walking is suitable for accompanied children of all ages
  • This deTour is well-suited to cycling
  • The fenced area adjacent to the parking lot is an off-leash area so the park may be frequented by dog walkers.
  • Exercise extreme caution on walkways during winter months
  • This deTour is best enjoyed between late Spring through to early Winter
  • Wildlife caution: Coyotes are periodically active in this area.  Exercise extreme caution and heed any City warning signs, particularly if you are walking your dog or are in the company of small children.
  • Health-awareness information is available for this deTour on the “Wellness” tab

Key DeTour Destinations

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  • Dress Code
  • Included
    Day backpack
    Outdoor clothing
    Own transportation
    Suitable footwear
    Sun glasses
    Winter walking hazards
  • Not Included
    Change of clothing
    Dangerous activity
    Entrance fees
    Identification required
    Indoor clothing
    Public washrooms
    Refreshment stops en route
    Reservations may be required
    Safety equipment
    Souvenir shopping
Park Parking
Safe public parking is available at two key locations:  Firstly at the eastern end of the park just off Beddington Trail NE at the intersection with Beddington Boulevard NE. The second parking option is located at the western end of the park with access off Harvest Hills Boulevard adjacent to the Beddington Golf Park. The Park can be accessed and enjoyed on foot or bicycle.  Most of the pathways are paved.  Observe and obey signs posted by the City of Calgary for your safety. Since a zoned-off area adjacent to the Beddington Boulevard parking lot is an off-leash area, dog owners frequent this park year-round.  A seasonal washroom is available at this parking lot only. Proceed to the paved pathways to enjoy the natural indigenous beauty that the park has to offer.  You can also take advantage of the numerous interpretive signs, benches and picnic areas dotted throughout the park.
Split Rock
Proceed from your parking lot and continue along the pathway system that runs in an east-west orientation in the West Nose Creek valley or on the ridge overlooking the creek. You will eventually see information signs  that highlight Split Rock.  This impressive rock is one of the best known glacial erratics within the Calgary city limits.  The erratic is believed to have its origins near Jasper in the Rocky Mountains and was deposited here millions of years ago.

Split Rock

Continue to enjoy the hidden gems of the park including the low-lying protected wetland, taking the time to enjoy the bird life and diverse natural flora during the warmer months.

West Nose Creek wetlands

Seniore's Pizza
Following your explorations you might find that your walk has earned you the luxury of a pizza meal.  Take the time - but be prepared to encounter a line-up - to order a pizza from nearby Seniore's Pizza.  If the weekend line-ups are anything to go by, you won't be disappointed by the food!  Directions to Seniore's Pizza can be found here or by following the Google Maps detour under the "Locations" tab.

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