Top Choice Calgary Off-Leash Winter Walks with “Man’s Best Friend”

There is no doubt about it, Canada’s winters can be frigid!  That being said, Calgary’s local micro-climate does spoil us with some milder weathered days and oodles of sunshine where we can get to enjoy the outdoors.  If your workday doesn’t afford you the luxury of absorbing the benefits of our short window of daylight then hopefully your weekends allow you to indulge in some outdoor time.  How much sweeter are these moments when we get to enjoy them with our favourite four-legged canine family members?

iamcalgary.ca Nose Hill Dog Walk Off-leash Winter

While the City of Calgary offers more than 150 off-leash locations for you to visit, here are our favourite destinations.  Set your pooch free to meet-and-greet fellow furry friends while you enjoy the cleared pathways, rest benches, generous open spaces and convenient poop-disposal bins.

Doggy Duties

Before we share our preferred winter off-leash destination list with you, and as a common courtesy to your fellow doggy lovers, please consider the following checklist to make your outdoor excursion an enjoyable experience for all:

  • Poop disposal bags: if pooch poops, dispose of the fall-out in a suitable manner;
  • check local signage to confirm that you are within the designated off-leash area;
  • keep your canine under control, within sight and calling-distance at all times;
  • keep to the right-hand side of paved pathways so other users can bypass you easily;
  • when leashed, keep your furry friend on a lead no longer than 2m in length.
iamcalgary.ca Nose Hill Dog Walk Off-leash Winter

Here is our winter pre-departure checklist for dog owners:

  • Few locations have washroom facilities available during the winter months;
  • Parking may be limited at your destination;
  • Do you have an adequate supply of poop bags?
  • Exercise extreme caution in icy winter conditions: do you have suitable walking gear incase you need to navigate slick terrain?
  • Don’t forget the wind chill factor: do you have suitable winter wear for yourself and your furry companion?
  • Do you have suitable car seat covers to minimize snow and mud spatter when your favourite canine is ready to return home?
iamcalgary.ca Nose Hill Dog Walk Off-leash Winter
iamcalgary.ca Confluence Park Dog Walk Off-leash Winter

Our winter off-leash top picks

Click on the destination name in the table below to reveal a PDF of the zoned off-leash location (courtesy of City of Calgary, www.calgary.ca).

Click on the 🐕-icon adjacent to the destination name to navigate there using Google maps.

(*) Denotes walking areas that may have potentially steep terrain.

Bowmont Park* 🐕
Charleswood Area 1 🐕
Edgemont Area 3🐕
McHugh Bluff🐕
Nose Hill Park 🐕
St. Andrew’s Heights🐕
Tuscany Area 1 🐕
Varsity Area 1 🐕
Confluence Park 🐕
Crescent Heights (Rotary Park) 🐕
Laycock Park🐕
Renfrew (Bottomlands Park)🐕
Renfrew (Area 2)🐕
Tom Campbell’s Hill 🐕
Cedarbrae 🐕
Edworthy Park Area 1🐕
Edworthy Park Area 2 🐕
Oakridge 🐕
River Park / Sandy Beach / Britannia 🐕
Roxboro 🐕
Inglewood Area 2 🐕
Queensland Area 1 🐕
Ramsay Area 2🐕
Sue Higgins Park 🐕
Sunalta (Pumphouse Theatre) 🐕
East Village 🐕

Please leave your feedback, insights and recommendations based on your off-leash City experiences with your favourite four-legged friend.

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