The Core Shopping Centre (“The Core”), the hub of Calgary’s downtown plus 15 Skywalk network, spans 3 city blocks and houses more than 160 stores on four levels.  Its striking 200-metre long arched suspended glass skylight creates a focal point and provides abundant natural light to the lower levels, capitalizing on Calgary’s notorious “sunniest-city-in-Canada” claim-to-fame. 

Stampede Park covers a substantial area of prime real estate along the Elbow River. Located on the eastern boundary of Calgary's Beltline District, southeast of the city's downtown core, the extensive grounds that make up Stampede Park are home to the following significant venues: Scotia Bank Saddledome;The Stampede Corral Arena;Big Four Building;BMO Centre– a convention

Prince’s Island Park could well be classified as Calgary’s premier urban park.  As the name implies, this 20-hectare gem is located on an island in the Bow River on the north border of Downtown.  The park was built on land donated to the City in 1947 by the Prince family, founders of Eau Claire Lumber

Stephen Avenue Walk forms a part of 8th Avenue South, bounded by 4th Street SW at its west end and 1st Street SE at its east end.  Home to some of Calgary’s finest restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, this pedestrian mall offers its foot-travellers uninhibited access to some of downtown's key attractions and facilities, including

Cruising down the California coast’s Cabrillo highway from San Francisco with Calvin & Hobbes and no agenda can only mean one thing: adventure!  There is little doubt that memories of this five-night escape make it, perhaps, one of Christa's and my most memorable road trips ever.  Since then we’ve threatened to replicate the event –

Definition: bo·tan·i·cal gar·den noun: an establishment where plants are grown for display to the public and often for scientific study. There is a substantial piece of real estate nestled in the crook of Crowchild Trail and Sarcee Trail that is overlooked by most passers-by, perhaps due to its understated curb-side presence.  Yet, once you know about

Located near the eastern end of the ever-popular Stephen Avenue Walk, the multi-level Glenbow Museum remains one of Calgary’s most sought-after tourist attractions.  Art displays from the more than 30,000 archived pieces dating back to the 19th Century to the present are periodically switched out to provide variety and thematic interest for interested visitors.  The