Discover Downtown Calgary’s Devonian Gardens Tropical Paradise

Imagine entering an indoor tropical paradise filled with lush undergrowth, koi ponds and fountains, living walls, abundant bistro seating positioned throughout the tiled walkways, all beneath sun-drenched skies. Imagine this year-round, whether the outdoor temperature is +25C or -25C. That’s what you get to enjoy at Calgary’s free public indoor Devonian Gardens!

A downtown indoor tropical escape
Tropical tranquility at the Devonian Gardens

Created in 1977 the Devonian Gardens offer a unique and extensive indoor park and botanical garden located on the 4th floor of The Core Shopping Centre in the heart of Calgary’s downtown.  Fully enclosed and covered by a glass roof, these year-round gardens provide a welcome escape and meeting place away of the confines of corporate demands.  Equipped with koi-filled ponds, a living wall, fountains, lush tropical vegetation, bistro tables and chairs, a children’s play area, a public grand piano for the musically inclined, and easy access to the nearby food court, the wheelchair-friendly Gardens are a worthwhile detour and rest stop for any visitor to the downtown core. Meet up with friends, explore with family, rest while you’re discovering downtown, or just enjoy lingering alone in the soothing ambience with a book.

Find secluded seating amongst the tropical tranquility of the Gardens to absorb the atmosphere
The living wall is a beautiful green extension to the lush surrounds
Ponds and floating gardens abound
Children can enjoy the play park at the Gardens |
Image courtesy of Calgary Playground Review
You just might be lucky enough to be serenaded while at the Gardens

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Getting there

The Gardens can be accessed by escalator, elevator or by stairway from the lower levels of the CORE Shopping Centre. The best way to access the CORE is via C-Train or on foot. If you’re on a west-bound C-Train, disembark at the 4th Street SW station. If you’re on an east-bound train, disembark at the 3rd Street SW station. Accessing the CORE as a pedestrian from Stephen Avenue is probably your most likely approach route. Downtown parking is challenging and might be pricey, so we would recommend avoiding using your own vehicle to get here.

More information about the Devonian Gardens can be found on the City of Calgary’s Official website.

IAC’s Moral-of-the-Moment:If you happen upon a garden try not to judge and wonder; instead, appreciate and wander.”


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