Derek’s go-to Calgary coffee hide-outs

Sometimes we all need that little place of retreat.  Whether to work remotely, find comfort in a warm beverage and a freshly baked indulgence, or just to escape for a brief period from the busyness of our daily routine and demands.  While our winter conditions here in Canada don’t provide opportunity to do this outdoors too much, we all tend to have our preferred go-to, cozy, indoor destinations.

However, it’s not just about the escaping. It’s more often than not about the connecting! The familiarity and comfort of these weekend, weekly or even daily detours provide an oasis where we can refresh ourselves as we cultivate life-giving relationships.

Here is a list of my current favourite home-away-from-the-office (or sometimes it is the office!).

Please share your favourite location with us in the “reply” section below so we can explore some more ourselves!

Alforno Bakery and Café:

www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Alforno Bakery and Cafe
  • My hot beverage of choice: London fog
  • Location: West Eau Claire SW (Downtown)
  • Parking: paid street parking
  • Accessibility: wheelchair-friendly; cyclist-friendly (including access to free air!)
  • Fuzzy feel: light, spacious, comfortable and varied seating
  • Seating: adequate, varied, comfortable
  • Food: fantastic freshly baked goods, sandwiches, breakfasts, lunches, dinner and desserts made on the premises
  • Wi-Fi: free
  • Additional offerings: fireplace; outdoor patio (heated); bar
  • Website: http://alforno.ca/
  • IG: #alfornoyyc
www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Alforno Bakery and Cafe
www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Higher Ground Cafe
Kensington Rd location

Higher Ground Café:

  • My hot beverage of choice: Cappuccino
  • Locations: Kensington NW & Capitol Hill NW
  • Parking: limited paid street parking at the Kensington location; free neighbourhood parking at the Capitol Hill NW location
  • Accessibility: wheelchair-friendly and cyclist-friendly at the Capitol Hill NW location
  • Fuzzy feel: cozy, warm
  • Seating: adequate
  • Food: extensive menu, heart-warming food (at Kensington only); limited snacks at Capitol Hill NW
  • Wi-Fi: free
  • Additional offerings: open mic Tuesdays; fireplace; ice cream cones; open till late
  • Website: http://highergroundcafe.ca/
  • IG: #highergroundcafe
www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Higher Ground Cafe
Higher Ground Cafe – Capitol Hill location

Rosso Coffee Roasters:

www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Rosso Coffee Roasters
  • My hot beverage of choice: Latte
  • Locations: Ramsay (SE); Stephen Ave (Downtown); Victoria Park (SE); Inglewood (SE); Studio Bell (SE); 17th Ave (SE); Tuxedo (N)
  • Parking: variable depending on location
  • Accessibility: variable depending on location
  • Fuzzy feel: variable but generally a bright and vibey atmosphere
  • Seating: adequate
  • Food: freshly baked pastries and treat; select breakfast and lunch items available (at limited locations)
  • Wi-Fi: Free
  • Additional offerings: cool merchandise; local roasting insights and expertise
  • Website: https://www.rossocoffeeroasters.com/
  • IG: #rossocoffeeroasters

Vintage Caffeine Co.:

www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Vintage Caffeine Co
  • My hot beverage of choice: Spanish Latte
  • Locations: Kensington NW
  • Parking: free neighbourhood parking at the Kensington location, depending on the time of day
  • Accessibility: wheelchair friendly
  • Fuzzy feel: their locations is clean, light and always a-buzz with activity;
  • Seating: limited options
  • Food: small selection of pastries and baked goods
  • Wi-Fi: free
  • Additional offerings: private functions; a rotating gallery of local art; “Behind the Bar” barista training courses
  • Website: https://vintagecaffeine.com/
  • IG: #vintagecaffeineco
www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary Vintage Caffeine Co

Kingdom Coffee:

Kingdom Coffee Logo-01 www.iamcalgary.ca I Am Calgary

As I wrap up this blog about my Calgary go-to coffee hide-outs, I want to give a shout-out to the vision and dream of a dear friend of ours, Jessie Singleton, at Kingdom Coffee.  Having being delivered out of a life of drug abuse and street-living, Jessie now has a priceless family and a story of hope that is driving him to bring hope to others.  Please visit their website at https://kingdomcoffee.ca/ to read more about Jessie’s story and mission, and support their work in the inner city to change lives one cup of coffee at a time. You can also follow them on IG at #kingdomcoffeeyyc

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