Calgary’s 2020 YYC Hot Chocolate Festival

Besides Valentine’s Day, it’s the hottest event happening this February: Calgary’s 9th Annual YYC Hot Chocolate Festival.  This year there’s an added Festival bonus: being a leap year, we have a whole extra day in the month to make a gallant effort to taste the more than 70 creative calorie-packed hot beverages that over 80 awesome local vendors will be serving to Calgarians around the city.

Presented by Meals-on-Wheels

This super-sweet event, running between February 1st and 29th, is hosted by the impactful not-for-profit organization, Meals-on-Wheels.  A minimum of $1 from every beverage sold by the participating cafes, restaurants and chocolatiers will go towards this great cause.  So, be assured that the premium you might be paying for your drinkable dessert this Festival is enhancing the health of someone in need.

The Stars of the Festival

The 2020 line-up offers 51 decadent hot chocolate drinks and 21 spirited (alcoholic) hot chocolate drinks.  That’s way more cocoa than anyone should consume in a lifetime of winters, let alone during the 29 days of February 2020!

With participating contestants located as far afield as CrossIron Mills in the north to Cranston in the south, Bowness and Aspen in the west and Sunridge in the east, the Festival has every city quadrant covered. Find the 2020 participants in the two contest categories on the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest landing page.

Festival Categories

Participating contestants are vying for coveted awards in the following categories:

  • Best hot chocolate: after all, that’s what this hug-in-a-mug winter contest is all about;
  • Best spirited hot chocolate: for the adults who like to enjoy their hugs with a bit more zing.

Winners are selected based on the voting public who have had a beverage and rated it on the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest App.

Berlingo, 2019 winner of the “Best Hot Chocolate” Award
Cravings Market Restaurant, 2019 winner of the “Best Spirited Hot Chocolate” Award

A third award, the Cup that runneth over award, is given to the contestant that raises the most funds, determined by the number of cups sold and the contribution per cup.

Alforno Bakery & Cafe, 2019 winner of the “Cup That Runneth Over” Award

Category winners are selected and announced during March 2020.

Download the App

If you haven’t already done so, whip out your mobile device and download the hot “YYC Hot Chocolate Fest 2020” App, available for free on the Apple App Store and Android Stores (note: If you have the App on your device from previous years, you may need to uninstall it and reinstall the 2020 updated version). 

YYC Hot Choc Fest 2020 App Landing Page

Check out the map on the App, find a location near you, and start scheduling visits to the participating contestant destinations.

This years’ eager hot chocolate junkies (like myself) can tap on the filter icon on the map screen to search out alcoholic, non-alcoholic or vegan beverages on the menu.

Clicking on the map locations will bring up the location name, address and a photograph of their featured beverage.

Tapping on the beverage photograph will serve you up a mouthwatering description of the drink. 

Remember to cast a vote on the App once you’ve consumed your sugar-loaded dessert.

To Share, or Not To Share?

This Festival is best shared with friends, but may also be your secret indulgence.  So, get to navigating, drinking and voting.

The 29-day countdown to the 2020 quest for Calgary’s most sensational hot chocolate drink has begun.

The featured image is used courtesy of the App, “YYC Hot Choc Festival 2020, presented by Calgary Meals on Wheels”.

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