Arts Commons, a Community of Creativity

Welcome to Arts Commons, one of Canada’s largest multi-disciplinary arts centres, located on the southern boundary of Olympic Plaza and the eastern end of Stephen Avenue.  Occupying an entire city block and home to 6 levels of artistic expression the Centre is the venue for concert halls, theatre workshops, meeting rooms, gallery and artwork displays, offices and a café.  Open to the public and accessible via the plus 15 skywalk, public transit, or by pedestrian or bicycle access, this destination begs a visit to any art-lover who would care to join the over 400,000 visitors attending performances here throughout the year.

Arts Common / Theatre Calgary

Some of the prominent venues housed within this complex include (courtesy of Wikipedia):

  • Jack Singer Concert Hall, with 1,800 seats, is the largest venue in the building. Suspended above the stage is a 185,000-pound laminated spruce-wood acoustical canopy, which can be raised or lowered to tune the hall according to the specific needs of each performer. Named for Jack Singer, the Concert Hall is the permanent home of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, which employs 65 full-time musicians, and the 6,040-pipe Carthy Organ.
  • Max Bell Theatre is a 750-seat theatre and is home to Theatre Calgary.
  • Martha Cohen Theatre is a 418-seat theatre and is home to Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP).
  • Big Secret Theatre is a 190-seat theatre and is home to One Yellow Rabbit.
  • Engineered Air Theatre is used for concerts, films, plays, weddings, receptions, and galas. Can seat up to 185 theatre-style.
  • Motel is a 50-seat black box, multi-purpose venue used for plays, experimental theatre and performance art and is home to Downstage.
Jack Singer Concert Hall

Resident companies include (courtesy of Arts Commons):

Arts Commons is best accessible via the following means:

  • on foot or bicycle – refer to the City of Calgary Downtown Cycle Track Map;
  • plus 15 skywalk from City Hall or the Glenbow Museum – see plus 15 skywalk network map
  • by C-Train where visitors can disembark at City Hall Station and walk south along MacLeod Trail to the location one block south;
  • by bus – refer to City of Calgary Transit for trip planning options;
  • by private vehicle – paid underground and street parking is available adjacent to Arts Commons. Arrive early for shows since traffic congestion in the area can become an issue.

More information about Arts Commons can be found on their Official website.

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